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Redhead Rantings

Glee and Peril Condensed

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12 March 1974
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Personal Mission Statement
1. Become a person I like and respect more each year.

2. Make a difference in the lives of the people I love and some strangers. This includes the goal to make magic moments and memories. I have unique qualifications to do this and should not forget that I am here to bring the fun.

3. Be an interesting character, the lead in my own life, never a victim or a bit part no matter what happens. This means that my health issues can't define who I am as a human. I am not the first or last person to face physical challenges. I will be inspiring period and excellent period. NOT just excellent for a person "facing my challenges" or "with my health problems". I am a character that needs no excuses or disclaimers to exist. My performance needs no excuse. I'm performing well in life, and very low in confidence.

4. Give back consistently. Only the amount I can afford or form in which I can give should vary, never IF I give. I want this to increase each year either in amount or time. The way I give back is meant to ease suffering, not to inspire and delight. This mission differs from number 2 in this way. Instead of fighting fighting, feeling the injustice everywhere and always letting that anger spill over into life, I can channel that into a focus of easing suffering that has impact. I must do that or the anger and injustice that happens in the world will interfere with my other missions. It is possible for me to give back in a way that eases suffering without filling my heart with anger and bitterness. These are the ways for me to give back.

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