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The Truth About Santa - Redhead Rantings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Truth About Santa [Dec. 25th, 2012|10:13 am]
by Lanette Creamer
Christmas 2012
to: My Mom, Lorrie Nelly, who asked "What did I ever do to deserve a caring daughter like you?"
What did you do? Everything.

A Poem for my Mom, by me, Christmas 2012.

The Truth About Santa Claus

There are secrets about Santa
I'm going to reveal
Like any good legend,
Part of it's real.

There's someone who cares
so much about you,
That they'd do all they can
to make your wishes true.

Holiday magic
doesn't land on the roof.
If you look all around you,
you'll see lot's of proof.

If your stocking is full,
and there are gifts by a tree.
A holiday feast,
And to you it's all free?

There's no red suited man,
no reindeer. or elves.
But these Santas are used to
Doing things by themselves.

Every holiday tradition,
the wrappings, the plan.
It's obvious kid,
Santa Claus is no man!

Who else cares so much
just to see your bright eyes,
That they'd spend much of fall,
making you a surprise?

Hiding presents, decorating,
saving for the gifts you asked.
Doesn't happen by magic,
each thing is a task!

The person who'd do this,
just to see you grin.
Isn't outside your house,
using chimneys to get in.

Holiday magic exists,
it's no tale!
But in our house,
Santa Claus is female.

For each tradition,
For your fulfilled wishes.
It's little to ask,
For you to wash the dishes.

Be thankful for Moms, Aunts,
Grandmas and Wives,
Who willingly add,
Magic to our lives.