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Well? French Dining Experience and Real Life Bellevue Upscale Living

Went out to a French place for dinner last night. I felt super pretty. Craig looked all handsome. I saw his new office in Bellevue City Center. The furniture is metallic and there is strange textured metal on the walls. Some of the walls are a vibrant Orange I can't agree with, but otherwise a very upscale workplace indeed full of the 4 elements in reference around the place.

Speaking of color, it was a riot the nail polish I got in this kit. I told him the color says, "I've been to a PTA meeting. These nails have never been scratched down any back and they never will be." A "classic" and "reserved" nude named "Cashmere" splendid color mini polish is how it is advertised. These nails say apartment carpet, dull afternoons watching reruns of Barney, and husband repellent headaches. They are the anti-sexy. However, they came with a CK Illuminating Cream that says, "Freshly ummm Fluffed!" Very nice indeed for those skin dulling winter months. A++ Will buy full sized bottle if I can find.

So dinner. We went to Artisanal Brasserie, this snooty (umm I mean unique) place you have to walk by Jimmy Choo and Faragama and other hilariously overpriced brand name high end stores to get to. They did have an Anthropologie which I drooled over but managed to stay out of. Ok, so dinner. I ordered the Prix Fixe (Beavis says, "huh huh he he he huh, I'd like to get my prix fixed") or something like that which means 3 courses for OMG money rather than KILL ME NOW and steal my wallet money. I got the Beet Salad which had strange white curly things that tasted like dandelion that I wouldn't eat, nice leaves of green, goat cheese, walnuts and roasted red beets. Craig got a hilarious soup that showed up with a teeny blob of Parmesan that looked like a white blob. Then they poured a broth around it but gave him no spoon. Lol. Ok, later he got a spoon and the fancy cheese soup was good. Craig got "Chicken cooked under a Brick" which was so tasty! I can imagine the chef going,...hmmmm, ya know what would make this chicken Le Fantastique? Unn Brick! Tear down ze wall! I got the Wild Salmon which was wrongly advertised. They meant Salmon Sashimi for it was not cooked. It was served on top of "potato gel" is all I can figure because it scared the crap out of me and I didn't like it. I regretted the entire main course ordeal. The texture, the rawness, the overall alien nature made me feel like I'd taken a bad turn for the Babylon 5 bar. However, the Barbara D' Alba from Tuscany was mighty fine even if it did cost more for one glass than the entire bottle of most wine I drink, but I digress. Meanwhile, back at the meal, it was soon dessert time. Craig got a chocolate mousse which was stunningly dark with hidden ground espresso inside. It was like crack in a glass. I had 3 baby scoops of ice cream, the stunningly amazing Earl Grey, a Salted Caramel, and a scoop of Vanilla that Craig ate and I called that flavor "ignored by me". So perhaps it was eating only beet salad, wine, and dessert that made me so ill since I'd had very little to eat before then. We arrived before 8pm and got home at Midnight. Operation Go to French Place was a long but interesting experience. I forsee a drunk Lanette if I go to France itself as I am terrified of slimy textures and undercooked meat, but the wine and cheese is nice and the dessert is so erotic that I would change my nail polish for another serving of that ice cream, either the salted caramel or the earl grey, but for the sake of my pants it is good that they don't sell it in pints at Le Grocery store.

By the time we got home though, I was in agony. I am not sure why, but it was the most belly pain. So intense that I felt like I'd throw up for sure or pass out. Agony to where I was shaking. Now I'm afraid to take ibuprofen today and well, I might schedule my endo surgery for over the holidays because I can't risk taking the liquigels so often. :( It isn't a tough surgery, but for each endo surgery I have, there is a risk of scar tissue. Also, the area that is the worst for me is behind the uterus which they have to use a special tool to get to. Also, I just had surgery in 2007 and we were hoping for a 5 year gap at least.

Well enough of that talk. I have a hair appointment scheduled for the 13th, the day before my dry run presentation at Microsoft. That will rule! First haircut and professional color in a year. And it will still be fresh for my Austin trip and subsequent wedding photos for Bel. :) In other news, Stardust the cat (I can't type it here, need some time I guess-she is alive and we are trying to help her the best we can, so I'll talk about it later, let's just say it's been a tough week being a pet owner).

I'm really looking forward to this week at work, my article, working on the presentation slides, the trip to Austin, the trip to Portland, and the get away Craig and I are planning to Orcas. We were going to go the weekend after next, but my plans fell through, so it turns out we are going to go a weekend sooner, but will need to get help for our cats somehow. We may board Stardust if she still needs special care.

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