Lanette (starrynytes4me) wrote,

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Cat Peril

Last night Stardust woke Craig up at 3am by throwing up under the bed AND in the other room. Awful. Not normal cat throwup because she doesn't have that but vile smelly yellow huge piles. We have no idea what she is eating besides cat food as we are measuring it. How is this even possible?

Going to get her in with the vet and also an appointment with a cat behavior specialist who has a doctorate and specializes in feline behavior. Would this money be better spent on,...oh,..I dunno my CAR which is in the shop right now with broken airbags? Why yes, yes it would, but the situation with Ms. Fat Cat has gone from bad to much worse. We also found out what plant/wood material she threw up. She ATE the raffia from a cat toy. An approved cat toy. It was still full length. She didn't even chew it, just swallowed it long.

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