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I'll be here all night,....

Had a blast with dove last night and got to see her awesome new home! It's peaceful and wonderful. After dinner she was pointing out how lame it is that you have to blast cold air on a fogged up window when it is cold to defrost it and it makes no sense, so I sang to her, "God is mocking us,...from a distance." She laughed until she cried. I think it's going to be a big hit. I may have to write the rest of the song for her before her birthday in place of bad poetry because why? Well, I'm Weird Al like that.

I am so thrilled it's Friday and we are going camping!

Oh, also, I went crazy at Barnes and Nobel because my favorite authors BOTH had new books. Literary PR0N is mine.

p.s. the title means (It's not a moral issue, it's an *ral issue).

Oh Anne--How I love your dark fantasy.
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