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Our Kitties

We have discovered that one of our cats, Tizzy, the 6 year old is actually a Mogwai. She still has not gone to the vet as she won't be forced into a box. Because of this, the bald patches above her eyes make her look even more like a Mogwai.

The only problem is she is bad around 4am and sometimes gets mad and poops on the floor. Luckily the rest of the time she is sweet and cute.

Stardust has developed much comfort hanging out upstairs and hates Ashley so much that there is no way to get her downstairs. I think so long as we feed her upstairs she will be content to just hang out up there sleeping in doorways. She's a lap cat, so I'm sad I can't get her downstairs yet. We are still working on that. I wish I'd locked Ashley upstairs and let the other cats roam the house as they need more space and attention to be happy.

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