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Some jerkofski punched through the LOCK on our locking mailbox and stole our mail plus that of the neighbors on each side of us. For those keeping track at home, this is the THIRD time in 5 years I've had my mail stolen.

Great. Now I've filed a police report, found out I had a $90 mailbox and if I want a more secure one it's double that at least. In addition to taking up time I didn't have, I now have to figure out which mail they have stolen possibly including our bills and worry about identity theft.

They asked if I'd prosecute? Dude, today? I'd EXECUTE if I could catch them. Jerks. Let me show you an identity. It's that of a person wrapped in a poison ivy blanket. Rar! There is not enough room on the internet for how much ranting I have to do. I'm furious and a big ball of angst. I'm close to needing an emo haircut it's so bad.

This week has left my panties in a sweaty bunch. Hey--catchy band name! Mail Thieves and the Funky Underwear Bunch
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