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Heat survival

Those friends of mine who are freaking who also do not handle heat well here are some practical cheap ways to keep-a coolin' baby.

1. Take a lukewarm shower.
2. Put up your hair with several parts so air can escape.
3. Put on cotton. As close to a white sheet toga as you can get.
4. Go to the library, a movie, or the grocery store to cool off.
5. At the store buy a watermelon, fresh mint or a lemon, Popsicles of your choosing and a spray bottle that mists. Rent march of the penguins, happy feet, the deadliest catch or anything at all with cold weather.
6. Low to the ground, in a cross breeze, misted with water, shoeless, eating cold liquidy produce, and distracted is how you survive. Don't forget to take breaks and air condition yourself as much as possible.
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