Lanette (starrynytes4me) wrote,

Swine Flu, Baked Poultry, and Red Wine

What an indignity to die from something that sounds so low brow. I feel sorry for the Americans who have to tolerate being called pigs while dying from "Swine flu". The only way to save us? A trough of drugs. If I get "Swine Flu" I plan to be angry that they called it that. It's embarrassing to die of Swine Flu compared to something that sounds terrifying like "The Ebola Virus".

Saturday I'm quite sure I unintentionally upset my sister! I'd texted her that karaoke sounded fun for Saturday night, but I didn't realize I was making actual plans. Then on Saturday at 3pm we headed to Whidbey Island which was a BLAST! We played on the beach and collected shells and Craig took us out to an amazing dinner. We then drank Shiraz, talked camping, and played Cranium Hoopla with Craig's old friends who are a wonderful couple. We didn't get home until nearly 2am! My phone didn't work out there and when I got home I had voicemails and text messages asking where I was. :( I'm sorry for ditching my sister! Here I thought we were making hypothetical plans and now I feel like I stood her up. :(

Saturday we woke up late and sore. I worked from 11am-11pm with only 1 hour's break yesterday. I finally got done what needed doing. Craig was unpleased, but helpful. He even grocery shopped and got my car washed which I asked him to since I couldn't see out the windows anymore. I spent the time 80% for my job, 20% for the homeowners Asssssociation. Two of the board members stopped by my house after I sent my email and were awesome. We are going to hang out and drink red wine with Craig in the next few weeks. It will be nice to get to know some of our neighbors whom also only like red wines and not the whites. My kind of people who appreciate an intense red. I also cooked an entire chicken. It was not a fun Sunday, but it had to be done.
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