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Kitty Update

His kidney numbers are 119 and 60. Average is up to 60 for the first number and as high as 7 for the second. He threw up again, isn't eating or drinking and BARELY moving.

We are going in the morning to learn how to inject him with fluids under the skin ourselves. They said it could just be that we need to inject him a few times a week for the rest of his life once the numbers are down. Umm ok, but he's miserable now? They said that they couldn't get the cathader in to get IV fluids in him which would be best for the kidney numbers to go down quickly. I asked what could be done, can they sedate him? I mean if he needs the treatment we can't just let him opt out like that just because he's scared. I mean, we'll get a muzzle, whatever it takes. The vet said that she'll check into a way to sedate him without taxing his kidney's further before we get in tomorrow at 9am. We are going to do whatever we can to save his life but right now we are afraid, depressed, and just hoping that the numbers come back down because that's the key. It's ok if he has these episodes every so often so long as we can treat them. He's already on the kidney diet. Please? I need him. Craig and I love him so much.

I'm going to be late to work which sucks. I have so much to do and being gone last week wasn't exactly stellar for my completion of tasks and we are low on people, so it really hurts when we get sick.
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