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Kitty Update [Mar. 10th, 2009|10:07 am]
[Current Mood |worriedworried]

Craig took him to the vet and they did give him the fluids under his skin and we'll have more info when the blood tests come back in. Come on kitty! Drink that water on your own. *prays*

I was up twice just to check on him and he kept moving less and less. My cold is worse because I didn't sleep well. I really really hope that the vet fluids get him by and he can start drinking on his own. Otherwise Craig and I will team up and get him more fluids injected. Last time it took almost a week for him to get better, so I'm trying to stay hopeful and remember that he did recover before.

[User Picture]From: dkstwin
2009-03-10 10:45 pm (UTC)
I'm hoping for you guys.
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