Lanette (starrynytes4me) wrote,

Go Ahead and Fly Free

Dear Friends List,

I totally understand that life gets really hectic and we only have so much time to spend online. I'm just letting you know that you can just defriend me and I'll check it and let you go with no questions asked. I really do not hold any of you hostage as much as I enjoy interacting with you and I want you to feel free to go in peace if you want to. I'll check at the end of the day tomorrow and do an update of the friends list.

I understand that I'm opinionated and have my own biases and also that you may just not have time, so if you are thinking about going, it's open season spring cleaning.



p.s. I am not at all saying that any of you need to go, just that if you wish to here's a free pass.
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