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Writer's Block: Deal or No Deal

What's on your list of dealbreakers when it comes to romantic relationships?

Facial hair.
Slurps their soup or cereal loudly.
Is over 17 and still plays D&D
Collects comic books, coins or action figures
Is uncircumcized
Is a virgin
Slurps their soup
Says "actually" too much
Kisses like a pez dispenser
Premature ejacuWHAT?
Complains about my makeup or clothes ever.
Wears tighty whiteys.
Doesn't groom their downstairs area so they have wookie bush that sings welcome to the jungle each time they remove their pants.
Values what their "buddies" think over family.
Lack of enthusiasm, drive, or initiative.
Doesn't buy presents for the ladies in their life.
Thinks holidays are stupid or commercial.
A sense of entitlement.
A hit list with over 50 women on it.
Crazy monobrow.
Doesn't hold the door for ladies.
Puts dirty dishes in the sink rather than emptying the clean ones in the dishwasher.
Never reads anything more intellectual than the articles in playboy.
Is obsessed with women far younger than they are.
Thinks all women who are ever even polite to them want to have sex with them "She wants me bad."
Paint minitures or hangs out in gaming stores.
Owns more horror or action DVDs than career or educationally enriching books.
Can't balance their own budget to save their life. (bad credit, bankrupsy)
Not curious or interested in new ideas.
Unkind to animals.

Now, ask yourself this. With this list I should be forever single, right? Why are there women who have nothing but "cheating and abuse" on the list who never have a guy, yet I have a list of minor offenses that make me want to bail and yet I'm in a relationship. It's beyond me.
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