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My Friend and Real Life - Redhead Rantings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My Friend and Real Life [Jan. 21st, 2009|10:12 am]
[Current Mood |thankfulthankful]

I forgot to mention I did stop by and buy smores lipgloss and chocolate body butter for my friend to keep her moisturized in the hospital and to remind her of our camping plans past and future. She appreciated it very much and I'm so glad I went to see her. I stayed 3 hours and kept her mind off the pain! I now feel pretty certain she is safe and while her infection needs to be monitored, it isn't life threatening at this time. They may install a drain in her bellybutton if needed and they are going to treat her with IV antibiotics, get the infection under control, and send her home. I am pissed my oven is broken because tomorrow is her birthday and I wanted to make her a lemon cake with white frosting, but I suppose I can find a place to buy her a nice birthday cake and bring by her present which I already bought but need to wrap. Not sure if she'll be at home recovering or in the hospital, but I do now feel confident she'll be ok and is getting good care. I'm thankful she's on morphine. The infection came back as bacterial, and while it's scary that it's antibiotic resistant, at least it isn't the staff infection they were afraid of that is so deadly, so that is good news.

Also, after being nagged I have decided I need an appointment to care for my car. I'm going to use my credit card and get some stuff done and budget it. I got a small profit sharing from my work (thankful) enough to cover the hair and the tires, but not the garage door. Things are looking up.

In other news-must send present to Dad for his birthday on Jan 29th.

Also, on the personal front, antibiotics are working slightly, but as a result I threw up my breakfast and all of my pills. For that reason I'm in pain and on low pill rations. SUCK SUCK. Not sure my cross country skiing is gonna work this weekend because of it. Don't want to drop weight and be unable to keep up with my exercising. Pilates class tonight and I may go to the hospital after if Angie is still there. We always spend NYE together and here's a pic of this year.


[User Picture]From: puppie
2009-01-23 02:33 am (UTC)
LOVE that pic!
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