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Geekery! So excited

Library Holds
Classical Pilates : the complete magic circle mat series & reformer mat
Progressive Pilates [videorecording] : 4 10-minute target-tone workouts
Beginning Pilates mat [videorecording] / creative direction
The Bollywood dance workout
Urban heat (Dance Workout)
Let's learn technique for ballroom dances. 1, Posture & balance, smooth ballroom
Ballroom dancing basics

Books (thanks for the recommendations you guys!)
Swordspoint : a melodrama of manners / Ellen Kushner.
The privilege of the sword / Ellen Kushner.
The fall of the kings / Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman.
The crystal cave / Mary Stewart.
The firebrand / Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Other Things
I've got $15 so far towards my Wii Fit. I'm working with Craig to save household money towards us getting one by doing things like cooking more! The library use is a part of that as will be trying new affordable recipes and basically just doing my best to use what we already have rather than buy new stuff. I'm pretty excited!
Also, I am going to karaoke tonight with Amy! Yay!
I need to ebay some clothes and other fancy things that don't fit so I can reuse the money.
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