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Happy New Year [Jan. 1st, 2009|12:22 pm]
Last night was PERFECT! Oh the mother of all phosts coming soon. And me? In a CORSET (of course[t]).

In other quick quick things, I already feel more like myself and am in less pain on the changed pain meds. I'm taking the right amount too. :)

I'm delighted to see some happy posts from friends who had a great 2008. I'll post more about my 08, the good and the bad, but I love to see the truth, no matter what it is. I think that those who can't celebrate for others when things go well for them just because they are struggling (be it with finances, family, health, or love) are petty and small minded. If you had a great year, add my joy on to yours because it's been in short supply and I'm happy for you! Off to get my pictures for my camera is heavy laden.