Lanette (starrynytes4me) wrote,


It's over. Thankful. So excited to get home (still one more day in Portland). Family obligations are soon to end.

I realized I over promised things for this week. I want to do a photo shoot with Ellen, but my pain is actually too bad for me to do many in a row (sorry you guys). I am not up to it. I should have realized that this many car trips would not be great for my pain level. So basically I'm saying Ellen is the only person I'm doing makeup for this week, partly because it's a couple of days away and we have firm plans already that she checked up on last week. Go ahead and curse me out. I'm ok with it.

In other news, Oregon is hilarious. Their department of transportation are a bunch of dope smokers. Their huge lack of plowing is the second biggest danger in the state, right behind stupid people driving on chains on the dry freeway going 20MPH and chains littering the freeways from those who couldn't even be bothered to go slow enough for the chains in the first place.

Craig's family did so many generous things to make sure we had a good holiday. It was very sweet.
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