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Back Home

After 6 harrowing hours across 2 mountain passes, we are safely home and glad we went. I have beautiful photos to show you and hilarious awkward video of my first attempt to cross country ski. While of course after all of the driving at ski attempt I'm in pain, without the better pain meds there is no way I even would have been able to try both snow shoeing and a little cross-country skiing. I thought snow shoes were lame. Would try the cross country skiing again for sure. It's very fun although the skis are hard to control and turning can be tough. Next time I go I'd like to learn how to turn while gliding on the skis. I tried my Mom's suggestions, but apparently not enough to get the skis to turn. Were I to be headed for a tree odds are about 50/50 I'd hit it at this point.

I have to go get my crown put on today (final crown for this round) and Craig and I will celebrate Christmas tonight together, with or without the friends we invited depending on how they feel. We have some ice on our road, but with the traction tires on the drive wheels we've been driving it just fine, so I'm not sure what to tell my friends. I feel like telling the whole state to nut up and get about it. We've seen far more people afraid to leave home than those unwisely leaving. The fear of snow itself is worse than the actual road conditions. Most everything Southwest of Bluett Pass was just wet roadways and has been plowed already.

In other news, I've eaten just about enough Christmas Goodies to last forever. Ugh. Feeling cooped up, flabby, and over indulged for sure.
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