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Baking Marathon

I now have even more respect for what Angela does every day. OH MY Goodness. I feel like I've been beaten after baking for 12 hours straight. I still didn't complete the peanut butter bon bons and I don't care. I took some photos, but am too tired to get the off the camera just now. You will soon see what about $150 in ingredients and 12 freaking HOURS of time gets me. Some of this will be brought to family and friends to share, and some will go as gifts.

I say screw baking as a gift. It's expensive and time consuming to do well.

Worst Choice-Following the stupid Martha Stewart Sugar Cookie recipe to the letter with all of the insane temp requirements. Egads. Then they taste no better than a tube of Pillsbury sugar cookies! Why oh Why did I do it? Also, I'm not thrilled with the frosting I made to go with these. I should have just used cheap canned stuff with all of the time and energy it took for mediocre results.

Best Choice-Following my intuition on the Potato Starch butter cookies. Amazing results this time. Also, the homemade Almond Roca ROCKS and ingredients are quite affordable. Would cook this again. I think my other best choice and tip for other people is to use 2 sizes of cookie cutters if you have kids or people like me who might enjoy a taste, but not one huge cookie.

Baked Goods for Emotional eater? Aren't you an Emotional Eater? First, yes I am an emotional eater. I have the following "binge test". Can I decide to eat a portion, eat it, and then just walk away easily without obsessing? If no, it's a trigger food. There are a few things that fit the "trigger food" list and those are items I just don't make in the house. There is no food worth getting sick over. I always look for signs. For awhile I got to the point where I would cook for other people, but be terrified to even have one taste. That also wasn't healthy for me. At this time in my life I enjoy a portion appropriate for my needs, but if it becomes a problem it just isn't worth my health and I'll drop it.

Per the usual, Swedish Cream Wafers are still the best of the bunch and they turned out so flaky this time.

Ok, now here are the pictures from my camera.

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