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Happy Sunday-Cooking Sunday

Minor Peril
Goodness, the pain is back and it's hostile to have been gone for that time.

Spent way too much time and money making Swedish Cardamom Almond cookies and they are just "ok" tasting and almond paste is over $8! Will not repeat the overly complicated and expensive cookies.

I have such a bad cold I woke up in a coughing fit having a nightmare that I was being strangled (and I was by my own mucus).

Nearly done with holiday shopping! Everything I got was 30%-80% off. Basically, I added it up and I got over $1200 worth of items total for under $500. Thank goodness for that unexpected money. I would have been ok without it, and the important part of the holiday is being with family, but the lights and the giving are my two favorite things. I feel very blessed to have been able to spend on buying gifts for people as I really enjoy giving.

I got some very lovely lingerie that fits (finally)! I also got a cute leopard print bra (meow) all for 70%-80% off! It feels much sexier to have a $8 short nightgown than a $45 short nightgown.

Made chicken and over roasted spiced butternut squash last night based on my own intuition (no recipes) and they were SO GOOD. Because I made a whole chicken, tonight it is going to be Chicken N Dumplings with homemade broth. Yum.

Feeling nauseated only due to intense pain, so while it's upsetting, overall it can be managed.

Having a blast getting ready for the holidays despite pain!

Things with Craig are going so amazingly well this week. I just love him so much. I'm excited to spend 2 whole weeks off with him.

Next week at this time we'll be up near Leavenworth in a cabin. My Mom is bringing stuff so that I get to try Cross Country skiing for the first time ever for free since I wear the same size as she does! She also got 2 pairs of snow shoes, so it will be a wonderful chance to take pictures and best of all, to spend time with family. I'll be making my pumpkin chili recipe with cornbread on the side.

Ok, I'm off to make some Almond Roca. It's my first time ever trying this recipe. If you have any ideas how to use the rest of my tube of Almond Paste please let me know. I don't want my $8 to go to waste!
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