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Craig liked his birthday presents from me. The worst part of the day was pain level 9 most of the day. Having to lay down to stop crying twice, having the dry heaves due to pain, and failing to pick up Craig's cake. I'll go get his cake today.

The best parts for me were seeing his friends, and getting to hold Averi (6 months) for almost a whole hour and she was a happy and adorable baby! Craig held her too. She can sit up and is so much bigger than the last time I saw her.

I have been in total, boring, life sucking agony with pain the last 2 days. I mean dry heaves, laying down in the middle of tasks to stop crying, eyeliner ruining, pale face making, breaking out in sweat pure nerve pain. I mean like unable to relax, wiggling to try to find ANY comfortable position that doesn't make me want to cry. Blah blah so bored of being in pain and instead of enjoying the rest of the weekend I'm just looking forward to the doctor's being open again because I'm in so much pain I can't relax at all. I would enjoy even a stressful work day and find it more relaxing than doing nothing in this much pain. I think the plan for tonight will be Vodka, and More Vodka. *sigh*

Enough whining. I'm going to make a nice dinner and get the cake for Craig, and show off my Christmas decorations. That should distract me and make me smile. Anything that can help me forget even for a nanosecond that I'm in agonizing pain is ++.
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