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Ugh-Cancel that good news? - Redhead Rantings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ugh-Cancel that good news? [Nov. 25th, 2008|09:51 am]
[Current Mood |soresore]

Tooth still hurts BAD. Dentist said it gets one more day. If it still hurts tomorrow, I get referred to an Endodontist for a root canal. It hurts so bad that when the numbness wore off last night I threw up a bottle of water and then my entire dinner hours later. *sigh* You'd think I'd be losing weight, but no, every time I move it hurts, so I'm keeping on the lbs I gained this month being off the foot. For those keeping track at home, I'm very close to my goal weight right now! Just a few lbs under. It is nice having some curves back and the size 4 pants being filled out nicely. The size 2s are too tight! I'm proud of that progress although I still need to figure out how to get my health better so that I'm not throwing up anymore and I'm able to exercise and still keep a healthy weight in a stable way. You know, thin and ill is no better than fat and ill. I just want to be healthy and FEEL good. Honestly, health is an amazing gift of freedom. I yearn for it. It will be worth it once I get there. I feel far away from it, but really, I'm not.

If all goes well I'll still be able to wear CLOWN SHOES tonight as the pin will be out! After a month in the surgical boot that will be delightful! Fingers crossed. I find out at 3pm.

I'm off to get my hair done in 20 minutes. I then will go visit my sister (I hope) and report back on how she is recovering. She was in uncontrolled pain last night, so I'm praying today is better. It's NO JOKE when they take your eyeballs out. That is just not comfortable no matter how you look at it (get the pun?). I love that sister of mine. If you want to send her a message, text me and I'll pass it on. There is a link to text my cell from my profile if you don't have my number.

In other news, I'm planning for some special holiday baking. I'm only going to do so a short time before Christmas so that while we enjoy it, it isn't for an entire month. I'm also using recipes from Cooking Light and only making a few of the recipes from me Swedish ancestors which mostly read "You grab the butter. You add the cream. Then the more butter. Oh, now the lard, cream, sugar and MORE fat!" I figure just the finest 2 recipes from the Swedish side and balance that out with my special pomegranate seed and lighter fare for a nice holiday enjoyment. I was also thinking about a nice cheese plate. That's festive, and less sugary.

[User Picture]From: puppie
2008-11-25 10:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah, those Christmas recipes tend to be sugar-and-fat-and-sugar-and-sugar. I was looking through the current Good Housekeeping magazine at the doctors and noticed they had an article with ideas for homemade food gifts. And some of them were not sugary. There was one for spicy nuts and one for lentil soup in a jar and such. I was very excited to see that -- I just might do some of those this Christmas...
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