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Yay! GOOD NEWS! - Redhead Rantings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yay! GOOD NEWS! [Nov. 24th, 2008|03:53 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticencouraged and hopeful]

My tooth isn't infected and there is a chance it will calm down and I can avoid a root canal! Also, my handsome dentist numbed the tooth, so I've now had an hour of blessed relief from the tooth hurting. They put on my beautiful new crown with temporary cement, and we are planning to put it on for good in 2 weeks when the tooth shows itself to be calm and healthy.

My sister is out of surgery and the neurosurgeon said it went well! For those wondering, it is a very complicated surgery to try to restore some of her eyesight which is very impacted because of her MS. To do the surgery they had to remove her eyes and cut the muscles to some of them. It's not a very comfortable thing to go through and I'm proud of her. I'm praying that she will have her depth perception back.

Also, I was asked by a co-worker to co-author a paper with him to present internally AND to submit for conferences. It's an honor to be asked, and it makes me even happier that he is located in San Jose. He asked me because he said he was impressed with how practical and readable my first technical paper was. That is better to me than even an award. To me, wanting to collaborate on something new is better than just "way to go". It is saying, "I will invest my time because I think you and I could do better work together than either of us alone."

Wow, what a turnaround today has been. In other news, Linen N Things is going out of business and having steep sales right now (thanks for the tip, Tiffany!). I have a few ideas to make the most of my crafts, cooking, and creativity along with $100 total and end up with "ta da!" holiday gifts. Things are looking up. I forget sometimes and just need a little reminder, but everything really IS going to be ok. I worry and fret, and things have been difficult, but I'm a fighter and will get through this time.

Sing it with me, "Nobody gonna break my stride,..nobody can hold us down, OH NO! We got to keep on movin'!"

[User Picture]From: pattinthehatt
2008-11-25 12:36 pm (UTC)
Good news for you and your sister!

I can't imagine the insult to the body (and the resulting pain) of having your eyes completely removed during a surgery. I had some muscles in my eyes altered during two separate surgeries when I was twelve, and I know the recovery from that was uncomfortable but fairly smooth. I know that what happened to your sister is much more complicated, but I'm hoping the recovery is similarly smooth.
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