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Masquerade? - Redhead Rantings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Masquerade? [Sep. 17th, 2008|02:06 pm]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

I am thinking in March, for my 35th birthday, I'd like to have a big costume party, Venice style where the theme is Masquerade and you have to dress up. Wouldn't that be fantastic for photos? Would it be too expensive though, or would it just be fun, if you were to attend?

Other theme ideas that involve dressing up? If I could, I'd have a Dangerous Liaisons party and make the boys wear heels and ruffles and everyone use feathers as pens, but I don't think that would be fun for everyone.

I also thought it might be fun to have a Black Celebration and get everyone to dress old school Goth.

Maybe I just want an excuse to sign up on the corset order list with electradesigns again. I really love her work and a 24" corset could be MINE!

[User Picture]From: gonzy317
2008-09-17 09:45 pm (UTC)
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the masquerade idea, but I won't be able to come. :( Also, may be hard to get men in tights. :)
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[User Picture]From: starrynytes4me
2008-09-17 09:48 pm (UTC)
If you did here's how the conversation would go. Hey Craig, Chaundra's coming! You know the one who gave us the Marriott discount who has the crazy haired baby?

Him: Yeah? Cool. :)

You are famous in Seattle.
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[User Picture]From: gonzy317
2008-09-18 01:32 pm (UTC)
LOL!! It's good to be famous - now if I could just get the whole "rich" part down!
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[User Picture]From: verybadlady
2008-09-18 06:53 am (UTC)
I have always wanted to go to a masquerade/huge costume party!
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[User Picture]From: pollyhyper
2008-09-18 01:36 pm (UTC)
Ooh, that sounds like so much fun! I wish we lived closer - Cabana-Boy was just saying this morning that Seattle sounds like the PERFECT place for us. Sigh...

If you do the Masquerade party, you could send out blank masks like this with/as the invites, and then nobody would have an excuse not to dress up - send the invites early enough so people have time to decorate them. They also sell slightly scarier full masks.

I saw pics from a friend of mine who recently attended a zombie prom party. It looked like a lot of fun. And I have another friend who always has cool parties (and lives too far for me to attend) - I know she had an 80s prom and a "Clue" party. I can't remember any more offhand.
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[User Picture]From: zombierutabagas
2008-09-19 05:02 pm (UTC)

Fun times!

I think Masquerade would be so much fun. Sadly, I think the crowd participation would be low on the male end. At least, I know there is no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that I would get Joel to do it. I could convince him to wear all black though.
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[User Picture]From: starrynytes4me
2008-09-19 05:07 pm (UTC)

Re: Fun times!

He would look stunning in eyeliner.
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