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Putting it out there-Help needed [Jun. 15th, 2008|10:55 pm]
I need to borrow a recliner chair for 2 weeks. It can be ugly as sin. I need a recliner to sleep in after my surgery.

I also could use to talk to anyone who's used short term disability insurance. I'm soon going to need it.

I'm home and in raging pain. Today was a 9 and I am having trouble just walking and usually I'm so flexible I can touch my foot to my forehead. Today I can't even raise it 1/3rd that high. Ok well, I'm home and off to bed.

[User Picture]From: omcintyre
2008-06-16 05:59 pm (UTC)
You may want to talk to your HR person. When I went out for surgery working at Intuit in 2004 I had to use all of my sick time, then my vacation time before I qualified for the short term disability. Each state is different, and most large tech firms have their own short term disability insurance which is managed in-house before state disability will kick in. Hopefully your HR person can help you get things straight and figure out how to work things out in the best way for you.
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[User Picture]From: starrynytes4me
2008-06-20 09:43 pm (UTC)
I feel bad for you for how you were treated at Intuit. The guy I want to work for was from Intuit and his name is Jim S. Do you know him? He's really sweet, not thin, and not a shallow jerk at all. Maybe that's why he left Intuit. Hopefully their culture has changed and improved since you left.
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[User Picture]From: omcintyre
2008-06-20 11:16 pm (UTC)
Intuit as a whole isn't bad, it was my division that was the problem. I worked for a company that was purchased by Intuit and we were given lots of promises about how Intuit would take over and the Intuit culture would be mirrored there. It never happened. Joe Kaplan, who was the primary owner of the company before Intuit took over remained in control and it was the same ol' same ol'. Wages were discraceful and there was a lot of sexual harrassment and bias against women, people of color and gays. I took the issues to the head of HR for Intuit when the "raise" that I had been promised for 2 years to bring my salary up to industry standards turned into a $0.53/hr raise bringing my salary to a whopping $34,860 a year.. for a senior software developer and analyst.

Intuit is a good place to work for, just not the division I worked for, and if I was offered another job in a different division, or even a different office, I'd still consider it. The benefits were awesome despite their exclusion of anything related to obesity or morbid obesity.

Did you get answers to your question(s) about STD?
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