Lanette (starrynytes4me) wrote,

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Ooooh Celebrity Crush

Does it make me a Mrs. Robinson that I have a crush on Joshua from "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Shouldn't I be feeling maternal?
Oh dear,..he's only 19. I'm going to put my mind in jail. Oh well, being a dancer means 95% chance he's gay. That sounds like less stalker charges for Mrs. Robinson.

Here is the pretty boy. Yes, I may call and vote for him to dance more. Yes, I think he can DANCE,.dance,.d.a.n.c.e...Preferably in wife beaters and shirtless more often. Do you think Craig will notice if I make a "Joshua Dances" compilation tape?

Why don't they have a show called, "So you think hot black guys can dance shirtless?"
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