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LOL moment missed

This morning as I was getting his food, Mr. Midnight went to town on the dishwasher door, licking and biting it. I tried to get a photo, but he would not cooperate.

If I did, I wanted it to say. Dishez, ur doin it wrong

He is very amusing.

One not so good side effect of having NOT eaten more than 400cals per day for 3 days and now being back up to 1200ish trying to gain in addition to the 25 pills I'm taking every day is that my body says WTF mates? Anyhow, I haven't gone #2 since I had the flu. My body says, "Food? What is this? We don't remember."

Apparently last night I was super tired. I laid down to sleep with Craig and he reports as soon as I fell asleep I dropped the bomb on him in a serious way with a vastly unfeminine display of loud flatulence. Reportedly, It didn't even stay in the Dutch Oven. Right then Midnight jumped up on the bed, took one sniff, and came and laid by me anyways. Now THAT is dedication. He knows who feeds him.
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