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Boring [Nov. 25th, 2007|12:38 am]
[Current Mood |busybusy]

Food Related/Eating
Table cloth for small table (plain green or red is best. 48" x 30"
Padded under table cloth for dining table 84" X 41"
Table cloth for dining table (any)
Some sort of centerpiece for each table. (maybe 2 candle sticks or something small for the little table?
Hot pads and kitchen towels of the Christmas nature

Interior Decoration
2 timers
1 indoor extension cord
1 pre-lighted 7.5' or taller fake tree
Larger indoor led lights colored to add to tree
A gold garland for the other tree
Cheap tree skirt for other tree
A few stockings (for kitties, ect)

Exterior Decorations
*note* One of the timers listed above is for outside, so make sure it is ok to put out there.
1 outdoor extension cord
A christmas welcome mat of some sort (maybe Winter, so I can use it for longer?)
Outdoor lights for the front of the house and both windows (must measure). Get extra bulbs and fuses. Want to price the lights IN the garland if possible, and/or LED lights
Mesh lights for shrubs near house
A few light deer, stars, or other non-character type items in white only
The string of different sized stars for the porch

Hardware Store
Wood filler to fix upstairs side-table
Chestnut stain to cover holes
A ladder (for putting up the lights)
Decent screwdrivers (phillips)