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Bucket O Monkeys-All Barrells are taken

Happy Making Items Today.

1. Craig bought a Roomba for our new house! Hooray robots.
2. I bought the wrong Social Distortion song on iTunes, but it cracks me up and says, "You shake my hand while you're pissing on my leg." *giggles*
3. Tiffany is back from Vacation at work.
4. Getting new hair done tomorrow, and it still looks good from last time. Photos to follow perhaps?
5. While I've been semi-sick all weekend, I feel better today and still had fun with Craig.
6. M's tickets-Game on Friday with Bel.
7. Dance class TONIGHT for the first time in months. I've missed it so badly.
8. I care less for Harry Potter than for Craig as I wasn't willing to wait for my book to arrive on Saturday, thus I don't have it yet.
9. Got a very sweet card from the contractors who left on Friday. Multiple people said I have a "straight-forward" or "No BS" approach. I thought that was sweet as I personally hope to not contribute to any "BS" at work. :)
10. I'm just happy in life right now.

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