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A few TQNW photos [Aug. 7th, 2006|03:11 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I took the train down to Portland and was amazed once I got there at how easy it was to use the Max train system. I rode around the town and finally found my hotel. There were very few hotels available and I got one that is on the Max line so I can get to the Studio for the workshops. The hotel is a riot! It's call "The Palms" and may as well be nicknamed "The Hairy Palms". The neon could be seen from miles away. Now, granted, I paid $45 a night, which is dirt cheap. They make me show ID and have many rules, but were sweet. They assigned me room #69. I tried not to snicker. I got up there and it was perfect! Small, air conditioned, fridge, microwave. Not the nicest place ever, but exactly what I needed. I curled up with my book and read until I fell asleep.

The next day I had plans to go to lunch with a stranger. I had instructed him to look for the redhead in a full black skirt with small cats in her hair, and if he had trouble finding me to call. He told me that if he had trouble finding me with that description that he would look into getting a white cane.

Ok, so waiting for the Max train, as usual, people start talking to me. It was nice. I arrived and went to my first class called "Henna as an art medium". First of all, the woman teaching the class may have the hottest plus sized body I've ever seen. Holy crap! I wish I was built like her, thus the pear shape envy. So what I learned in this class is basically that I don't want to do henna. If you don't have the right tools it is a mess and it takes several days to mix up properly, but at least I now know.

Then I went to lunch with this guy named Matt. I met him at a beautiful thai place, but it wasn't open for lunch, so off we went to an Indian place. I ate a little bit of salad and talked alot to this guy. I felt no urge to pepper spray him, and in fact thought he was quite nice and I felt uplifted to meet such a good stranger, even if he does live in Portland. He has been in software for a long time, but is transitioning into being a full time firefighter, even for less money. I think that is amazing. Someone with a passion for helping people. Ok I was pretty impressed with that. I mean, sometimes weird things happen for a reason, and just meeting someone who I felt comfortable talking to, especially a guy, was just kind of comforting and made me feel hopeful. Even if we don't talk again, I'm glad I went to lunch.

My next class was Skirt Moves with Urban Gypsy. This class was really fun! Fast paced, and flirty. We did some Tango moves, a little cha cha, and it was sassy and interesting. It was pretty hot in there though and I did get a bit flustered on one of the moves as I couldn't seem to get my spinning fast enough and was a danger to my fellow classmates.

The show was a few hours away, so I went to a bar and started drinking. Not sure why, just it was hot out, and I was thinking it was a great idea and would help my pain situation, since so much activity had it all flared up. I hadn't really eaten anything since the morning, so I was pretty buzzed. Right then a classmate from Seattle pulled up a chair with her boyfriend and his friend. We talked and made some loose plans to go out and "paint the town", but I was getting tired.

The Showcase was sold out and was pretty amazing. I enjoyed the drum solo and the Bhangra dance the most. The variety was pretty great. I talked with the classmate and found out the gang was headed to karaoke. Well, I got back to my room and was so beat that I just tipped over and didn't go out again. Partly because of the heat, partly because I hadn't eaten enough that day. I kind of regret not going out with them since I love karaoke.

The next day I had Turkish Romani Gypsy, which was really fun. It's a 5/9 beat and learning how to dance to it was a trip. It involves lots of fast feet. She was a great teacher, and very patient, but the room was ROASTING with all of those dancers and no AC or fan.

After that I headed straight to Hip Hop Fusion. This class was too advanced for me, and about halfway through it I had to quit because I was too dizzy to go on and had fear of passing out again. Even so, I was totally sore after just 1/2 of this class.

I got a ride home with a classmate I hadn't talked much to, and she was really interesting. The traffic on the way back sucked and it took quite some time, plus no AC and it was roasting. The conversation was great and I thought she was really insightful. I appreciated having the chance to get to know her.

So now, a few photos.



Elizabeth Strong Workshop
Elizabeth Strong Workshop

Note: These photos were taken with permission in the workshop and are just intended to show the flavor of the event. I wasn't able to get pictures of the actual show as it isn't allowed.