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Year in Review Meme as written, and as I like it. - Redhead Rantings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Year in Review Meme as written, and as I like it. [Dec. 14th, 2005|04:11 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]

Last night I got into a really cute outfit and was going to go to visit friends at a party.

Today has been more upsetting than it should be.

tsb was happy to see me last night as I'd not seen him since Thursday.

I have no April Fool's enthusiasm to pretend I'm preggers or anything of that nature.

I went to see The Graduate (play) last night with my sister!

I'm now back in Seattle and so is my sister.

So,..your opinion on Europe related things.

Ugh. Not feeling so great today.

My Dad missed his flight, so won't be getting in until closer to 8pm.

I went back to Florence because I liked it so much.

The sleep study sucked.

It's some kind of lonely in here tonight.

With all due respect to cultural tradition, can I just say that I look hotter in a kilt than you will? For starters, in a climate that is COLD at best during the winter, going around with your baby makers swinging in the chilled wind doesn't make you more of a man, it just means you have to use a spoon to locate your balls. And what is with accessorizing with a manpurse? Trying to make tinky winky jealous? At least his isn't made out of a sheeps bladder or a goat femur or something. If you can't identify it, don't put your money in it!

On top of looking alot like a catholic school girl or Britney Spears pre-cheeto fetish, you have to pair it up with some manly glorified knee socks. What is the point? Your butt isn't covered, but you feel the need for tassles near your furry knees?

What is it with the cliche' jokes about what you are wearing under there. Who cares about what's UNDER it, you are cross dressed like Bugs Bunny trying to land a John, and you are wearing tassles and handbag of llama spleen, yet people are still concerned about if you have any man panties on?

Would you like to beat my glockenspiel?
That is cockamamy idea is assanine.
Notice my silky traditional lederhosen.

Pimpin' Pope

"Bachelor Number One, I play the trombone. If I blew you, what would you sound like?"

They just don't make reality dating shows like they used to.


Thick and Quick
Just how the ladies like it. I'm knitting with it.

I also laugh at "chunky" yarn. I tell people I'll be their chunky friend when they tell me they are using a chunky blend. Oh I kill myself with laughing.

Conservative Republicans Gone Wild! They are loosening their ties. White collars are coming off! Hot accountant on stock broker action! Hot and Wild conservatives want to party with you. See them dance to the stock market bell and competing in the wet Oxyconton contest.

Should be hosted by Ben Stein, doing it Stein style.

Can you hear the drums, Fernando?
Well can you?

Clean Joke, can I buy a vowel?
What do you call a fish with no eyes?


La vespa è velocè
La vostra scimmia è sexy, è che il suo Vespa? Dove sono i miei pantaloni?

I'm ready for Italy!

Break out the Mullets
I've just been warned via email that Def Leppard is coming to town to play a concert with Bryan Adams on November 8th in Everett. No, I'm not making this up. I wish I was. My Camaro isn't even waxed!

Whatever do the single girls have to talk about?
graphxgrrl says: Why must random boys chatting one up online be incapable of complete sentences? Le sigh.
starrynytes4me says: At least this one has vowels I hope?
graphxgrrl says: Yes, but the wrong ones, with regard to spelling.
starrynytes4me says: r u like er splelling taecher r sumfin
graphxgrrl says: i find grammar sexy. i have learned that "capital hill full of hot sexy poeple" though.
starrynytes4me says: True, being the gay capitol of seattle can do that. Ask him if he is bi.
graphxgrrl says: He mentioned earlier something about being "open" so I'm guessing it's possible. OH, he now wants to know if I have plans this morning. it should be noted that he has been talking to me for all of 14 minutes.
starrynytes4me says: Ok Mr. Speedy Pants, what can I expect, a whole 30 seconds of foreplay if we have this sudden sex you are hoping for?
graphxgrrl says: *grin* It's mildly entertaining. I think he's now trying to subtly ask how I feel about casual sex with random people, as he's asking if i'm an "open minded gal" oh, and now he's asking if I keep my "down under" well trimmed. I think this is a goodbye to mister speedy pants.
starrynytes4me says: Tell him you grow it and have a tattoo above it that says, "Welcome to the Jungle" And that you are hoping to get it braided with beads sometime later today.
graphxgrrl says: *grins* I have started ignoring him. it seems best.
starrynytes4me says: This amuses me greatly. I'm blogging this

Seattle Seahawks Gone Wild
Coming off of a Bi week, we can expect the boys to be more up to date on current Broadway Musicals, although we are wondering if any will be on the disabled list due to jaw pain. Coach Holmgren was seen out on Capitol Hill last Sunday Night while walking from R Place to Neighbors with several Seahawk players after forbidding his team to go to Pioneer Square clubs due to the violence which lead to the serious injury of player Ken Hamlin. In a rare 2am interview, Coach Holmgren stated, "Girl, you know we have the best tight ends."

Sure, you think it's a problem now, but I bet most of you can't wait until the Seattle Storm have their bi week.


Thoughts on being single and Christmas

I have realized this is my first Christmas I've been single since 1992. It seems like I might not make it, but then again, it could be the best Christmas ever. At least it won't be disappointing and the possibilities are endless. I'm thinking that on Friday, December 23rd, I will see who I can get to celebrate by drinking too much with me.

[User Picture]From: sameen
2005-12-15 01:06 am (UTC)

i'm sameen, rethought's friend being an insomnia
please may i show a friend this october conversation
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[User Picture]From: starrynytes4me
2005-12-15 01:15 am (UTC)
Sure :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: dove
2005-12-15 04:57 pm (UTC)
Funny girl. Yer amazin'.
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