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Tizzy [May. 10th, 2013|08:04 am]
Sometimes when I work, Tizzy gets down between my computer and I and peeks up with her beautiful eyes as it to say, "Excuse me Ma'am, but I am your kitty. Perhaps pet me?"
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The Truth About Santa [Dec. 25th, 2012|10:13 am]
by Lanette Creamer
Christmas 2012
to: My Mom, Lorrie Nelly, who asked "What did I ever do to deserve a caring daughter like you?"
What did you do? Everything.

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Personality [Aug. 8th, 2012|11:17 am]
Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Work ethic||||||||||||||||||||83%
Need to dominate||||||25%
Change averse||||||27%
Peter pancomplex||||||||||33%

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Frickity Frack-Snow dont come back! [Jan. 20th, 2012|05:11 pm]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

We lost 3 trees. My pretty blooming cherry tree that I love? UPROOTED. It's a 15' freaking tree & Craig had to cut it to keep the fence from being knocked over. Then thank GOD we had Lan turn the front tree into an umbrella tree or it would have gone.

The other back yard tree that died, whatever. Compared to my blooming cherry tree I'm not as pissed.

I CRIED over it yesterday and ate a handful of stale chocolate from the xmas stockings.

So then today? The SKYLIGHT is leaking. Not a little. HUGE freaking puddles and a straight "Drip Drip Drip" onto the floor. So I'll be calling a roof guy.

Whatever. Screw you stupid weather. Taking my vacation money. Fine. I guess I wanted a new skylight and a tiny tree instead of my nice tree and the same skylight. I feel hostile. I'm also out of fresh produce. I'm going to go lay down and stop whining. And curl up on the couch.

When I heard Etta James died I kept hearing in my head, "At last,..my death,..has come along. Painful cancer is over. And for eternity I'll be known for this song." I hope her classy spirit shall dance along at her funeral. That she'll be appreciated and her family will stop fighting over her estate. Money can make some people get so ugly. I hope that when I go there is enough left so that it isn't a big burden on anyone, but not so much that it causes fighting and strife.

Hard to believe that everyone involved around the Anna Nicole case died before anything was resolved. Just goes to show,..grudges and songs,.both are less fleeting than life.

I wonder what all the trees lost could tell us has happened at this home if they could talk?
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Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays [Dec. 16th, 2011|09:02 pm]

If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

If I could solve but one problem it would be abuse. If not one person from the beginning of time experienced abuse the world would be a safer, better place.
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Writer's Block: Happy birthday John Lennon! [Oct. 9th, 2011|06:35 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Do you think there will ever be world peace?

Has there ever been? If there was, would we know?

An enemy of mankind strong enough that we all must band together to fight it in order to survive may be what leads to world peace. Yet, would it be peace? It would still be war, just not with each other.
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Pictures with and without Stardust [Oct. 3rd, 2011|07:41 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

Kitty decided she wanted to be in pictures too!

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Well, it's always good to phost! [Jun. 3rd, 2011|07:35 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

For no other reason than I MUST show you the phone case I bought on Canal street in New York City. Of course, I can't get it open to put the screen covers on that I negotiated for, so if you know how to open these, please spill the beans. :)

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Twittery Tweet Tweet Rocking Candy Tweet [Apr. 13th, 2011|04:04 pm]
[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]


Also, me without makeup.

That's all for now Ffffoooolks.

I've got 2 jobs and I can't not lie, that the blogging time I'm denied. But when I job walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in my face I get SPRUNG!
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Writer's Block: Making a better day [Apr. 13th, 2011|03:59 pm]

If you were given one magic wish to improve the world, for what would you wish?

Only those who would cherish & raise their children well without abuse would be able to physically have them.
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